Belief Systems And Their Power

Belief Systems and Their Power

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.”
—Tony Robbins

The quote I used is one that stirred my core as I have seen both the positive and the negative aspects of personal belief systems. The belief system that was systematically engrained in me through my perpetrators is one that was meant to destroy me. I had no beliefs of my own. My beliefs had become their beliefs. And year-after-year my mine and body began to breakdown everything about me. My belief system had become one that convinced me that I was no good; that I was too stupid to have my own thoughts and ideas and that I was a mistake as a member of the human race. I was completely beaten down by the many years of these types of beliefs.
And then…. I met coach. She saw the mess that these belief systems had created. And how my passion for living had disappeared. She has slowly been trying to help me change those belief systems and easy it has not been. In every way possible my perpetrators had torn me down and had left the shell of something that used to be a human being. She has working with me with these belief systems to show how totally flawed they are and have been no matter how comfortable they might seem at times.
What my perpetrators didn’t understand was that when they thought that they were burying me was planting the seeds for me to grow. I have worked very hard to try to dispel some of the many false beliefs and there’s still wrought to be done. The words they used to disempower me are being dispel and destroyed. This now leaving room for the healthy beliefs that have been taught to me by coach have taken the reigns and are saving my life. This is just another example of being careful what you say and how you say and convey a message to someone. You can literally make or break someone with words.
Going forward I see myself continuing to strive to get better as I have the many months since moving to Texas. My time is winding down here, but my work continues. As I’ve said before, “I stand firm in the light despite my fears to overcome that which is always hunting me down and trying to destroy me. Didn’t I say not to long ago to not count me out because I’m a comeback kid and one of Nick’s boys?” Here I stand tall looking back at coach and saying, “I’m ready. What’s next coach?!

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