My life consists of a complete confusion about my existence.  Why am I here?  When is purpose in life discovered?  Has my whole existence been about being a survivor of abuse and trauma?  As I sit and remember distinctly how I saw life as a teenager the same venomous rage is still just sitting and festering.  The purpose of the day has always been known and understood for many years.

My life as a promising ball player and addiction professional seem to be nothing more than a distant memory.  The reality of my existence is about learning to control your smiles and cries.  I fear everything.  Educational goals and aspirations apparently belonged to someone else.  My career that was hard fought for was over before I got started good.

I hate my life.  My mind seems to be changing even more which marks another decline.  Piece by piece I’m disappearing. My life is nothing and has been for nothing. The only way justice is served sometimes is when you do it yourself. Pay you will.


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