No Rest For The Weary

No Rest for the Weary

September 7, 2014

I planned a special post for August 29th with it being the anniversary date of Hurricane Katrina.  I never thought anything would “trump” the reverence of that day.  This year something did trump that date.  While I did notice it, my brother’s life was at stake.  Just the shear remembrance of the emotions that flowed and continue to flow through me is enough to make me retch. I honestly, don’t know how I’m able to write right now.

Ok right now, I just want to send a little shout out to CANNABIS for making this last week a little more tolerable!

My heart and soul got pounded.  I was snot crying like a child, when I’m normally everyone’s clown.  Almost losing my brother and then coming home and losing a close friend has taken its toll on both my mind and my body.


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